Dry Sand
• Designed for various applications such as concrete, blocks, pre-builds
  and others.
• Best choice for pavers, floors installation and as “topping sand”.

Washed Sand
• Processed to 3/16
• Designed for multiple uses; concrete, blocks, pavers, pre-builds and others
• Good choice for pavers and tile installations and as “topping sand”.
• Good for production of asphalt and drainage usage

Sand for plaster (washed)
• Use as mortar (plaster)
• Installation and manufacturing of pavers, blocks and pre-builds
• Provides best finishing to concrete products
• Replaces beach sand and marble sand

Gravel 3/8
• Provides better finishing in pre-build concrete projects
• Use in drainage systems and gardens (landscaping)
• Use in self compacting concrete

Stone 5/8 down
• Use in the production of concrete and pre-build products
• For decoration (landscape)
• Use in drainage and backfill foundation
• Non-paved surface roads or entrances

Processed Backfill – complies with category A-2-6 (A.A.S.H.T.O.)
• Provides excellent compacting results, over 95%
• Multiple use backfill. For non-paved surfaces
• For weight support or layers
• Proctor test: 130.3 pcf /maximum dry density/7.6% optimum
moisture content

Dust sand (3/8 – 0)
• Use in the production of blocks, pavers, pre-build and concrete
• Use in the installation de pavers, tiles and floors
• To be used in the manufacturing of asphalt

Gabions (various sizes)