Comercial and Residential Plumbing

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Toilets & Bidets • Lavatories • Bath Tubs • Laundry Trays

Flooring and Walltiles

Ceramic and Porcellanato tiles, Marble, Granite,
Culture Marble and Natural Stone

Vinyl and Iron Fences

The irons that form our EURO FENCE are covered with a thick layer of zinc by a state of the art process. After an homogeneous solder system, they are given the unique panel form that bestows there structural strength. Panels formed and protected with this zinc layer are then hardened with a thermo-poly coat.

FORTEX PVC is a sophisticated combination of tradition and technology. It is assembled with high quality polyvinyl. These fences have the same applications of wood fences, but are maintenace free. Our vinyl fences acarry 100% UV protection which garantees long life and flexibility. Their unique and
patented design provides easy
handling and assembling.

Fauxwood Beam Caribe

Faux ceiling beams provide a simple and inexpensive way to dramatically improve the décor of a room. They can accentuate ceilings of interiors, giving a room a warm and cozy feeling. Our faux wood beams look exactly like real wood beams without the extra weight and expense.

Lightweight • Inexpensive • Easy to install • Realistic
Maintenance free • Weatherproof • Pest proof • Largest selection